Vampires-Chapter 1


Perfect...too perfect. I thought, a smile playing on my blood, red, glossy lips. I grinned at the word "blood." Sounds good. My eyes locked in on a barely legal male. I penetrate my ice cold baby blues, letting them sink into his flesh, but wasn't close enough to see his soul. Closer...they told me. The young man seemed to feel my eyes on him. Good boy...turn your head...look at me... His head turned and faced her. That's a good little mortal. I felt a giggle past my lips. Whoa...lay off the booze. The voices instructed me. You're right. I smiled sexily. The handsome, stupid little fool shot me a grin back. Excellent, he took the bait. Go to him...I got up, making my way seductively toward him. Already I could tell he was pleased. Every male eye was on her at that moment, even some lesbian females. This bar had it all. But I'm only here for ONE thing...I told myself, almost losing my cool. "Hey...looking good. My names Cal." He said as she approached him. Foolish...mortals like him can't keep anything to themselves. "The names Kelly." It was a lie. But I wasn't stupid. "Do you like my dress?" I asked him, teasing him a little. He looked at my tight, black, leather Gucci dress that just barely covered my thighs. " would look better on my bedroom floor." I had to smirk. Corny...they are. I was. I shut my eyes gently, sniffing a little. Taking in his scent. I could already tell he was just twenty-one, he was becoming a drunk already, and hadn't been laid in months. From his hungry look, and disdrawn face, it seemed he just broke up with his girlfriend. He's clean...they told me. Hmm...I could play with this one than. "Do you want to find out...?" I purred. He seemed a little shocked at the invitation. But why wouldn't he be. He feels worthless, probably needs cheering up. And I'm beginning to get hungry. "Yea." He replied. He threw a twenty on the island, and took my hand. He had a strong grip. He works out...even better. This mortal just seemed full of more surprises. Quickly enough we were already in his car, driving down the highway. He kept glancing at me. Stupid...he's thinking. They think damn too much. "Aren't you a little young?" Ha Ha! Score for the human! "If I was a little would I have got into the bar?" I pointed out. He was absolutely right. I wasn't even legal. But technically, I was. I'm older than you are dumbass, what would you do if I told you I was over two thousand years old! I wanted to say that so badly. Maybe I'll say it later, when he's screaming for mercy. From the looks, I looked eighteen. My silky brown hair usually was slicked back, and I wasn't wearing my usual outfit. This was a special occasion, and I am glad I didn't. "You don't look twenty-one." Cal told me, occasionally averting his eyes from the road to me. "Should I look twenty-one?" I wondered, confusing him. He pulled the car up in front of a huge house, blocked by trees. Mommy and Daddy probably bought it for him. I looked at him once again, looking into his brown eyes...mortal eye...innocent eyes...He stared back; his eyes began to fill with lust. I could tell that his hormones were kicking in. He didn't want to question me more. He wanted me, and that was it. And I wanted him...Oh how I wanted him...A few minutes later we were in his house. "You like? My parents bought it for me a couple of weeks ago for my birthday. I'm still doing some remodeling." Cal said, referring to the tapered walls. "Come on..." He began to lead me upstairs. What a beautiful staircase...I thought, I was beginning to remember I use to have one like it. Cal led me into a bedroom, his bedroom. I wasted no time... My mouth was covering his in seconds. I felt pleasure as his hands roamed by bosom, and chest, but nothing worth much. I won't miss this one...I told myself, as he threw me on the bed. I left my face expressionless, but threw him a seductive look in my eyes. He thought he was so tough, ripping his shirt off. But to my surprise, he was rather muscular. Tight abs, a good six-pack. "Come here..." I purred out, taking control, sitting up on my knees, pulling him to me... I began to kiss his chest, and led my lips to his face. My red lipstick left perfect kiss marks all over his tanned chest. I savored the smell of his life force as I began to kiss his neck. So hungry...I moaned in delight at the smell of his freshness. "I'm so good..." I growled out. Or was that my stomach? Who knew? But I did know I needed it now. He already had the top of my dress down. I couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed him roughly down on the bed, with incredible strength. He seemed surprised at the action, and how strong I was. If he only knew the half of it. I leaped on him. He let out a high-pitched giggle, thinking I was just playing. Oh, I was. "Ooh, you are so good." He groaned out, right before he screamed.

"That was refreshing." I sighed happily, practically leaping down the stairs, twirling Cal's car keys in hand. I could feel his blood rush through my veins. I feel more powerful already! I shouted gleefully in my head. I walked straight to the car, without even a glance back.