Other Peoples Quotes
Other Peoples Quotes

I recently got several different peoples opinions on certain issues in todays society. These are some of the topics, and few of the people I've already quoted. There will be more soon!

Sex- (I asked some people, if they met someone who didn't know what sex was, or what to expect, what would they tell them? These are the responses. The truth is, everyone sort of flipped out at this question, and got really nervous, and thought this opinion thing was hard, since I made this the first question.)

"Kind of romantic."-M.T.

"Something that you share with someone special."-A.C.

"It's cool."-S.T.

"Something you wonder about after being married for ten years."-R.F.

"Something you do when you realize you have the wisdom to know what your doing."-E.F.

"A frequent excuse to put something into a hole."-unknown

"Sex is a great thing, no doubt but in my belief, if your going to do it, do it safe. Do it at a time that you can support whatever may happen."-F.J.

"This is a very touchy subject for me."-K.D.

"Something nobody really knows about, so most people make life changing mistakes regarding it."-A.B.


"Love is what is seen inside the eyes of a lover."-S.T.

"Love is a great thing."-M.T.

"A certain feeling you have for someone else, other than a family member or friend."-A.C.

"To stick with a person through the good times and bad."-R.F.

"Love's a bitch"-unknown

"To love somebody is to put yourself in harms way."-E.F.

"I'm not gonna mess with it for awhile."-R.C.

"As a teenager, love is more a hormonal thing than something real."-K.Q.

"True love is something that you can only share with one person, you need to feel really strong towards the person and share likes in each other that are more than just looks. You treasure that person more than anything in the world and would do anything just to make them smile."-R.G.

"What is love?"-F.J.

"Its a mixed up jumble of confusion that you make yourself believe, even though it may be true or not."-K.D.

"I would give my life for it, and I would kill for it, but it is the one thing I cannot seem to attain."-A.B.


"It's stupid."-S.T.

"It's nonsense. They say all the power is gonna go out, but I don't believe that."-M.T.

"It's a bunch of horseshit."-A.C.

"There will be some problems but not as big as some people think."-R.C.

"Bunch of Bullshit."-Unknown

"Much ado 'bout nothin."-E.F.

"It shouldn't be a huge problem, maybe with some small businesses and home computers, but nothing else."-K.Q.

"Y2K is probably feared mostly because the fact of not knowing what will happen. People will probably get paranoid on that night, and my biggest fear about it is the behavior of people on that night. Hopefuly there won't be many big electric problems because I think people will really lose it if that happens."-R.G.


"I pray to god nothing happens, life is going to well for it to be a total wipeout."-F.J.

"Its nothing...its like...nothing."-K.D.

"I think the only thing to worry about is the hysteria that it will cause because people are paranoid about nothing."-A.B.


"I love Pokemon!"-S.T.

"hehe...it's cool."-M.T.

"Its a bunch of crap! I understand its a cartoon show, but come on! Its like power rangers all over again!"-A.C.

"Good marketing ploy."-R.F.

"Open gateway to hell."-Unknown

"There is always something new, if it wasn't that, it would be something else."-E.F.

"hehe, Pokemon could have been a lot better (like any anime) if they directly translated it. It's just another thing for kids to like for a while. I don't really like Pokemon anymore, and everytime I hear a Pokemon's name I get annoyed because I've heard it about 100 times before."-R.G.

"Oh PUHLEASE, die, Pokemon."-K.Q.

"Nice concept. Too over-hyped. Japan kids act normal with it, American kids don't."-R.C.

"Pokemon are like "tickle me elmo's" and/or "furby's were last year."-F.J.

"If I hear another child ask me if we have pokemon cards, I will punch them."-K.D.

"Hmmm, the game boy game is really really fun, but you will find out how popular it really is in a year when nobody even remembers it."-A.B.


"Die! Rot in hell!"-S.T.


"He's an idiot. Dude, an idiot explains it all."-A.C.

"One of the Hitlers of the 21st Century."-R.F.

"Defintely one to get involved with the devil (if ya know what I mean.)"-unknown

"I think that he should be locked away somewhere where he can't do anyone harm."-E.F.

"Saddam Hussein is a complete idoit. We really shouldn't turn our backs to him because he WILL start something else that we'll have to send troops over for. He's very selfish, he's willing to put his whole country at risk just to protect himself. We should ethier imprison or assassinate him. He's not doing the world any good, only evil."-R.G.

"He's a big old meanie head."-K.Q.

"After just watchin South Park I find he is very self-confident."-F.J.

"Stop looking at me swan."-K.D.

"He is a man who could not recognize love if it kicked him in his ass."-A.B.

Want to add one? Send me your opinion!