One Night
One Night

"Hey..." The tender voice made Brooke jump. She turned around, seeing Neo before her. "Uh...hi. What are you doing out here?" Brooke stammered out, shaken. He held up his cigarette in response. She nodded, biting her lip. Everyone else was asleep, so she thought she would come out and watch the stars. She assumed HE was asleep also. He stood there in silence like he usually did whenever he was around her.
She sighed quietly, and turned back to the sky, leaning against the balcony rail. For some reason, she felt his eyes on her. She gulped, she knew she had to forget. Forget him, all the others who had hurt her. It was almost over. All the pain, all the fear, all the tears of being alone. She was somehow almost learning to move on. She heard his soft footsteps step up towards her. A small gasp escaped her lips as she felt his arms wrap around her waist from behind. Her back was pulled against his chest. It was as if he knew she was about speak because he silenced her by nuzzling her neck. She felt his lips come close to her ear, and she tensed.
"Please..can I just stand here like this with you...watching the stars?" Neo whispered, tickling her neck with his breath. Her heart melted at that, and all the thoughts she had before left her. Paul...Jason...Alton...all of them. She watched as he took her hands with his own. Closing her eyes, she savored the feel of his body pressed onto hers. Why is this happening? Brooke wondered. Shut up! Don't think! Don't ruin this for yourself! You've been waiting for this moment for the longest time. Brooke felt a lump in her throat as she obeyed the words, putting her heart at risk again.

Her breath quickened as their bodies entwined. She laid her back into the base of his neck. She gazed up at the stars, feeling more secure, and protected than ever before. She closed her eyes as she felt his soft lips planted tender kisses all the way from her temple down to the side of her. She turned her head, her blue eyes meeting his brown ones. Before she knew it, he was already licking his lips. She sucked in a deep breath as their faces came closer.

She turned around in his arms, looking into his gentle eyes. She felt her body tingle as his thumbs circulated her stomach. "I think I'm falling for you." He said softly, stroking her face. She moved her head forward so their lips were an inch apart. "I already have..." She said, than kissed him. Their eyes shut, and Brooke than felt her body throw spasms. She kissed him deeper as his strong arms tightened around her waist. She felt her own arms wrap around his neck, as their lips gently parted. Brooke felt their tounges emerge, entwining with each other. She was surprised as he began to kiss her more passionately, pulling her as close as possible. Her head clouded up as the kiss steamed up. All she could feel was his lips, and him. Inside all she could see was a repeat of Christmas Eve. of her greatest moments. She could feel everything at that time. Without even noticing, she realized she was backed against the railing as they kissed each other hungrily, and passionately.

It was the moment she had always wanted to share with him. Every word that was said, every breath that they took all made her head fill with every flashback of kisses she ever had. Christmas Eve, down to the first time she ever kissed a guy. Brooke began to feel her eyes start to water. Neo than pulled away, and looked at her. "I'm sorry." He apologized." Brooke looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?" "I mean for neglecting you for so long. It took me forever to realize how I felt about you." Neo explained. "Oh doesn't matter. Just please...kiss me, and never stop. Even if its just for this one night. Don't let it end until I can bare to let go." Grinning, he pressed his forhead to hers, and whispered "You got it."

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