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This is my first love, David Daniels!
Why I like the One-minute Page builder:
Name: David Daniels
Current Residence: Aurora
Birthdate: April 10, 1980
Favorite Food:If it's food he'll devour it
Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew
Fav Color: Black
Fav Song: "Too Fast" Motley Crue
Where he sees himself in 10 years: Famous rock musician living in LA with Sonya, and father to Britney Spear's child. Dies at the age of 28 in horrible train accident.
David's girlfriend: Sonya...he wishes, none at the moment
What kind of girl David goes for: Someone like Britney Spears but he seems to fall for the exact opposite.
Thoughts on sex: Britney Spears, Sonya, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stevie, Andy, Nookie.....the list goes on.
Quotes: Shut the f**k up get the f**k out.

His sweetest antic: He is really nice, he'll sit there and talk to you for hours, and be sympathetic. He'd bend over backwards for his girlfriend. He would do anything for the girl he loves, or goes out with. I've never met anyone like him. If she asked him to somehow to get to her, which she was like 1000 miles away, he would get to her.

His most annoying antic: The fact that when you hit on him, he just ignores you!

Why I like him: *sigh* he's wonderful...

His best feature: His lips.

Where I see him and I in 10 years: Hopefully together with children!

To David: If your reading this...your in shock, or laughing right now, but I care about you, and you know that! So stay cool, and don't worry about the children, I got it covered! :P

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