This is my sister Dawn, she is not only my friend, but a very important person in my life!

Name: Dawn Fontaine
Current Residence: Denver, Colorado
Birthdate: December 10, 1989
Favorite Food: Ice Cream Cake
Favorite Beverage: Orange Soda
Fav Color: Red
Fav Song: I Want It That Way by BSB
Where she see's herself in 10 years: Hawaii, on the beach with a boy.
Dawn's Boyfriend: No (COME ON! SHE"S 9 years old!!!)
What kind of boy Dawn goes for: blonde hair, sweet voice, never sweats, (how cute!) and is not scared of a girl.
Thoughts on sex: NOTHING!
Quotes: "Whatever Mel..."

Her Sweetest Antic: She is 9 years old, what is not sweet about her? She is absolutely adorable, the perfect little sister. I love her to death!

Her most annoying antic: She's my LITTLE sister, very very very very annoying!

Why I like her: First of all, I'm stuck with her, second of all, I love her cause she's my little princess. I'd risk my life for her, she is one of the most important people in my whole life, maybe the most important.

Her Best Feature: The fact that she looks almost exactly like me. (Thats not meant to be concieted, its just weird to look at her, and know that I looked almost exactly like her 5 years ago.)

Where I see her and I in 10 years: Everywhere

To My Baby Sister: Dawn, I felt you deserved this more than anyone. The way you put up with me! Man, I am sooooo glad I'm the oldest! Your gettin strong as h*ll too! Guess mom and dad are right, in a few years your gonna be able to beat the heck out of me! Take Care Little Moon! ^_^

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