This is Calvin's...shrine I suppose? Well, see how nice I can be, giving my friends each their own page to show my appreciation? Hehe, kidding. Onward!

Name: Calvin
Current Residence: Dublin, PA
Birthdate: November 26, 1980
Favorite Food: Philly cheese steak
Favorite Beverage: Dr Pepper
Fav Color: Green
Fav Song: November Rain by Guns N' Roses
Calvin's Girlfriend: Calvin is currently single girls...GO for it!
Where he see's himself in 10 years: Married with Children
What kind of girl Calvin goes for: green eyes, red or brown hair (shoulder length) athletic, active person, doesn't take things too seriously, and does not stress herself out, doesn't like snobbiness, and he wants a GIRL, not a half man/half woman. (These are Calvin's words my friends.) Sweet, sensitive, caring, kind, loving, and understanding.
Thoughts on sex: "I think people shouldn't have sex unless they're in love with each other."
Quotes: "Ever stop to think...and then forget to start again?

I met Calvi a few years ago, and we kept talking on and off, on and off. Mostly, it was cause something happened over here and I'd lose touch with him. Well we're really good friends now, and I'd do anything for him.

His sweetest antic: If your in a jam, he's usually there to help talk you out of it. Giving you advice, and wants to help you. The best thing I've learned from him, no matter how much I whine, and beat on him, he'll always let me use him as a punching bag. If I get angry, he'll apologize, when it really isn't his fault. I still don't get how he puts up with me. But I'm glad he hasn't booted me to the curb yet. :)

His most annoying antic: He has them, believe me. He really knows how to push my buttons. All he has to say is one thing, and I'll go ballistic. His annoying side is brutal.

Why I like him: I like him probably cause I've known him for about 3 of 4 years. I've seen several sides of him. The way he treats you as a lover, than how he would treat you as a friend. He's gotten me through several jams, and I am utterly grateful. If I lost him as a friend, I'd probably be lost as a person.

His best feature: His forgiving nature...?

Where I see him and I in 10 years: I see us as good friends. Probably the type of relationship that goes to a phone call every other day, a visit every weekend, an occasional outing with some good buddies. We'll probably be the type to go to each others weddings, things like that.

TO Calvin: Well Calvi, I hope you like your dedication. I'm there for you, I hope you know that. I may be annoying at times, or will totally wig you out with a different personality, but no matter what, I'm always gonna love ya. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that I'm hoping you'll be in mine somewhere. Anyhoo, enjoy this shrine to your bad ass!

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