Get Down! Get Down! Move it all around

This is yet another one of my wonderful obsessions. Just last night I went to their concert, which would make today November 1. It was really good, but since I had all the teenyboppers screamin in my ear, I'm kind of deaf. And I'm throat hurts from attempting to shout their names as they ran RIGHT BY US! We had the section where they had to run right back into the dressing room. The concert was defintely a must-see, so if you have tickets, and their coming to your town soon...your in for some show! But...If you've been living in a hole all your life, and you DON"T KNOW THEM, than you may bow to my feet, for stumbling upon this page, so I shall tell you alllllll about them. I know much about them, and do love them so. Boy or Girl you may be, if you like them, or don't. Just maybe you'll see the truth in these figures.

Now lets start with how I, MELONY, came upon these five extreme hotties. It was last summer, the summer of 1998. My best friend Katie and I were just starting to get close, cause our friend Michelle kind of LEFT US to go with her mom in Aurora. So we were stuck here, and we bonded. I had heard little things about them, you know such and such, seen a picture or two. Well one day, I was lying in bed, and Katie calls me up, telling me how BRIAN is so wonderful, and hot, and that she never noticed him before cause all they showed was the blonde- who is NICK CARTER. She saw them on Saturday Night Live the evening before, and saw them. You know...the one where A.J. had the dreadlocks. Well, she was telling me how there was to be a concert, and all of sudden, the advertisment comes up on my T.V. and I saw them. And was like..."Whoaa...." Well one thing led to another, and Katie came over and we would spend all night on my computer, looking up websites on them, and learning everything. That went on for awhile, than we eventually got tickets for their concert on August 4. Like three weeks before the concert though, cause her mother kept putting it off. And us being those huge teeny-boppers, expected them to fall in love with us...and heh. Well we were in for a surprise. But we grew to love them anyway. And we have been true, and loyal fans for about a year and a few months. I know it doesn't seem like much, but no one really started liking them until their song "EVERYBODY-Backstreets Back" came out. At least, we weren't one of those. But I do not diss on other BSB fans, for they are allies...most of them....hehehe. So this year, we went for a good time. It was swell, very keen if ya know what I mean. But one must move on with their enough about me..onto the obsession itself!

Kevin *WARNING WARNING* Before you go to this site, I must warn you of what lays ahead. If your under 13, and don't think you can take a SHIRTLESS Kevin, than maybe you should skip this one
A.J. *NOTICE* I am NOT responsible for any teeny-bopper people hypervenilating from this one, you enter this place at your OWN risk. I don't want a lawsuit on my ass, just cause some 13 year old saw this hottie, and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Its not MY fault that Denise Mclean brought him into this world!
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