Alien Series Quotes
Kick ass Quotes from the four best movies ever made-Alien-Aliens-Alien 3-Alien Ressurection


"I want to know why they never come down here. This is where the work is." -Parker
"Same reason we have half a share to their one, our time is their time, that's the way they see it."-Brett
"Well, I'll tell you something... it stinks."-Parker

"Mother's interrupted the course of the voyage. Mother is programmed to interuppt the course of our voyage if certain conditions arise. They have... We've recieved intermittent transmission from quadrant points QBR 157, 052. Somebody's gone down."-Dallas
"So what."-Brett
"We're obligated under Section B2"-Kane
"Christ. We're a commercial ship not some rescue team. This kind of duty's not in our contract."-Parker
"You better read your contract. Transmissions recieved in noncommercial lanes..."-Ash

"How long before we're functional?"-Dallas
"Fifteen to twenty hours..."-Ripley
"Stay on it. What about the auxiliaries?"-Dallas
"Working on it."-Ripley

"This is weird."-Kane
"What do you mean (voice over)"-Dallas
"There's something all over the walls."-Kane

"What happened to Kane. I need a clear definition."-Ripley
"Some kind of organism. It's attached itself to him. Let us in. You hear me. Open the lock."-Dallas
"If we let it in, the ship could be infected."-Ripley
"Goddamn it. Open the hatch."-Dallas
"We've already broken every rule of quarantine. If we bring an organism on board, we won't have a single layer of defense left."-Ripley
"Open the god damn hatch. We have to get him inside!"-Lambert
"I can't. If you were in my position you'd do the same."-Ripley

"It's got something down his goddamn throat."-Brett
"That must be how it's getting oxygen to him."-Ash
"It doesn't make sense. It paralyzes him, puts him into a coma, then keeps him alive."-Ripley
"Let's kill it. We can't leave the damn thing on him."-Parker

"You ought to try it sometime."-Parker
"I've got the toughest job on this ship."-Ripley
"I have to listen to your bullshit."-Ripley

"The best thing to do is just to freeze him. Stop the goddamn disease. He can get a doctor to look at him when we get back home."-Parker
(to brett)"Whenever he says anything you say "right." You know that, Brett."-Ripley
"What do you think, Parker. Your staff just follows you around and says "right." Like a regular parrot."-Ripley
(Parker turns to Brett)
"Yeah. Shape up. What are you, some kind of parrot?"-Parker
"Knock it off...Kane will have to go into quarantine."-Dallas
"Yeah. And so will we."-Ripley

"We're the new pioneers, Ripley. We even get to have our own special disease."-Dallas

"I should reach the frontier in another five weeks. With a little luck the network will pick me up...This is Ripley, W56450246OH, executive officer, last survivor of the commericial starship Nostromo signing off."-Ripley

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