Meet my sweetiepie Ian!

Name: Ian Phillips
Current Residence: Denver, Colorado
Birthdate: Feburary 12, 1982
Favorite Food: Pickles
Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew
Fav Color: grey
Fav Song: Dr. Feel Good by Motley Crue
Ian's girlfriend: my girlfriend April
Where he see's himself in 10 years: a photographer
What kind of girl Ian goes for: petite, shy-quiet innocent type. "Let me be your bodyguard."
Thoughts on sex: "I'll do it, if I can photograph it."
Quotes: "To be or not to be...What kind of question is that?"

I met Ian when I came to Colorado. We became friends in elementry school, kind of the whole "Melony and Ian, sittin in a tree-" hehe. Our friends would tease us a lot, and we kept swearing nothing was going on. But he was my best friend in elementry. He left when I was in 3rd grade, and he was in 5th. I lost touch, and than he showed up at my new high school! We're really close now, and I can't believe I almost forgot how important he was to me.

His sweetest antic: He really helps me. I have someone to go to now for advice and things. So he'll hold me, and tell me everything is all right. He feels like a big brother. :)

His most annoying antic: His squeaky laugh!

Why I like him: He's my old buddy, and we went through a lot together. I remember one time when I had to do some collage in my old teacher (Ms. Hall) class, and I refused to do it, so my mother called his mom, and he came over and helped me with it! My mother later found her mistake though, cause when we were done, I was covered in glue, and he had newspaper clippings pasted all over him. *sigh* those were the good ol days!

His best feature: sexy cheekbones!

Where I see him and I in 10 years: hopefully married..? hehe, kidding Ian! No, probably best friends. Or at least through college.

To Ian: Man, thanks for being there bro. I love you, you know that right? We'll get together for that photo shoot sometime. :)

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