This is Katie's ex-boyfriend, Hudson, his real name is Matt, but we like to call him Hudson. Cause of that whole Alien thing. :) Him and I are really close now, he's a pretty damn cool guy!

Name: Matt Hudson
Current Residence: Creede, Colorado
Birthdate: March 2, 1981
Favorite Food: Sno Caps (the candy)
Fav Beverage: Kool aid
Fav Color: black
Fav Song: High Enough by Damn Yankees
Hudson's girlfriend: "I still want Katie...but shhh..don't tell her that!" (ya, so don't tell on him!)
Where he see's himself in 10 years: "A shoplifter in a K-mart shopping center!" (no, he really wants to be a muscian)
What kind of girl Hudson goes for: looks don't matter, as long as she can jam on the drums, or a guitar. Has to be open-minded, with a great sense of humor. Also has to call me "teddy bug." (These are Hudsons words people!)
Thoughts on sex: "Oohhh baby, take me there!"
Quotes: "why are you looking at me like that?"

I met Hudson when I met Katie. As the time rolled on, we all got pretty close. Katie eventually broke up with Hudson for something, but thats none of your business! Gradually, Hudson and I became good friends, and is a big part of our group. It sucks though, cause most of my friends are all older than me! He's a big sweetheart really.

His sweetest antic: The power to swoon you with his singing voice. :)

His most annoying antic: How he always tackles the girls in the group. He makes you feel special, and than jumps!

Why I like him: He is a utterbly nice guy. Great to hang out with, and don't have to worry about what will happen, cause this guy thinks responsibilty even though he doesn't look it!

His best feature: He's incredibly hot!

Where I see him and I in 10 years: Well, I hope him and Katie get back together, cause they were great. I thought they were gonna get married. :) But I suppose we'll be good friends still.

To Hudson: Stay cool man! Hope you enjoy your little shrine, cause you rock! Rock on!

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