December 19, 1999
December 19, 1999

Well I'm enjoying my time off of school, and I hope many of my high school viewers are too! Anyhooo, I'm off to dye my hair today, I wanted it a strawberry blonde, but with my complexion, and freckles, it just wouldn't work. So I'm going full red. Cause last time, it didn't come out, considering Katie did it, and it was our first experience in "hair-dying".

But Ali and I are gonna go over Blondies and get it done there. It was really weird, we came home, and the door was WIIDDDEE OOPPPEEENNN and no one was here!!! My mom forgot to lock it, so my dad flipped, as did I. But none of you get any ideas now!

I sent a friend a electronic card the other day, in hopes we could patch things up, don't know whats gonna happen with that. On Wednesday its off to Nebraska, and high ho silver onto cow town! I just had something realllllyy good to write about, and now....I can't remember what it was. Dammit, I hate it when this happens.

Christmas should be different this year. I kept telling my parents "No!! Don't get me much this year!" Basically only because I have loving relatives out in Boston who want to spoil me to oblivion. :)

Anyway, yesterday I did the almost impossible. I took almost every last single BSB poster down from my room. Took all the little pics of them off my mirror, and was an emotional moment. Know what sucks? Growing up. Seriously, cause now the only poster I have left up is my Nick one, which I'll NEVER part with, only cause I got that at my first concert, and it so happened to be a BSB concert. But now my mirror is full of pics of my dudes, and some of my family.

The only things that still stand in my room are my Elvis clock, which lost his mojo, the 2000 Sailor Moon calender

and whooaaa....Never finished this entry!! SORRYY!



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