November 15, 1999
November 15, 1999

Oh yeah! ::does a little dance, makes a little love, is gettin down tonite! Is gettin down tonite!:: GUESS who just finished their Gettysburg poster! I feel it looks pretty damn cool. Lol, I hope Mr. Wright feels the same way!

Right now I'm wearin my friend Alejandra's balls! YEAH BABY YEAH!! One question for ya'll- How BIG are YOUR balls?

I seriously love hangin out with my dudes. See, if you don't what the "Dudes" are, they are a group of the coolest people you'll ever meet. I left them all back at North, and feel TERRIBLE about it, so on my half-days I always go back and visit them. There is never a dull moment with the Dudes. Lets...We have an Inner Senshi of Dudes, and a Outer Senshi.

The Inner Senshi are the people we hang with constantly. They are really cool, they say the coolest things, and their weirdos! They are also the people who we hung out with last year. Basically the Inner Senshi of Dudes, are really close. And our really good friends with each other. They mostly hang out with each other, than anybody else. Those people are:
Aljendra Calderon (Ali) (sorry dude if I didn't spell your name right!)
Michelle Thomas (Mitchell)
Katie Purser (Blondie)
Tiffany Gurule (Tiffaho, Spiff)
Joey (forgot last name) (gay joey)
Melony Fontaine (thats meeeee!) (Mel)
Arianna (she's sort of an outer senshi, but she gave me hell, and is the biggest bitch, but we all love her anyway!)

Those are the closest people, and than we have our outer senshi dudes, who REALLY kick great ass! But we don't totally hang out with them, and they weren't really introduced to the Dudes until our sophmore year.

But FIRST- A little history on how The Dudes got started.
Basically, it happened in mid-year of '98. My freshman year and stuff. Well none of us really knew Aljendra, and one day her friend Arianna decided to go off to lunch, leaving her alone. Well....she ended up meeting us, and it all got started. The founder of the dudes, basically was her and I. We're like...The ULTIMATE dudes! hehe, kidding. But it all started with us just yelling "DUDE!" to each other down the hall. Eventually, it turned into our own little dude cult. Its really great!

Back to the Outer Senshi-
Gizmo/Red (coolest guy I swear! He's hilarious, and one of the coolest people I've ever met!)
David Nquyen
Frog-boy (I have to say he is a semi-dude, but ONLY because we've been through hell and back again with this guy! Hmm...maybe I should make a "DUDE" enemy list! IT COULD WORK!)
Sarah Haas
George (Recommended by the Inner Dudes, don't really know him though)

Those are all the dudes I can think of now. But these are the coolest people you could meet! DEAD serious, once you hang out with the Dudes, its all over! Your bound to befriend one of them!

WOW, you know, I'm thinking of now making a whole webpage dedicated to the "DUDES". I seriously should! I need a scanner first though, but when I get one, whheeww! Watch out cyber space, theres gonna be pics galore! Lol, I really like pictures. Anyway, I better go for now, I have lots more to say, but your eyes are probably getting tired. Soo SEEEEE YAA!




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