February 29, 2000
February 29, 2000

Sup...wow, its like...Leap day or whatever. Peachy man. Nuttin really interesting going on. I went to school in sweats this morning, it was cool. I was very comfy.

Watching Last Action Hero...

I went Skateboarding awhile ago with Jack, it was cool. Almost fell a couple times, haven't lost it yet though. I need a new deck. Um...hmm...so yeah...feeling...uh...the love here...yeah. Thats great, my day was peachy too.

ANYHOOOO, you know. I laugh funny. I do this thing, like its a breathing wait no damn, I don't know, but its weird. And I bet you don't care, cause I don't either. :) Anyway, um, crap. Gee, maybe I'll write interesting crap later.


March 3, 2000

Wow, this is really later. Anyhoo. Weird shit has been going on. Lots of weird shit. Today, was the twlight zone. All of a sudden I fell deeply in love with this guy Adam I used to like. I was in Amr Histry and we were watching this movie on WW1 and all of a sudden he was so incredibly sexy and great.

I was just getting over him too. I don't know but it drove me crazy ALL day. Its STILL driving me crazy. I mean, I wasn't hungry all day but my stomach was growling and I was lightheaded like I hadn't eaten, but it was like, lust or desire, or hunger or SOMETHING for him! Dammit, I don't know what it was. It's really getting to me.

On top of it all, there's this guy at school trying to ask me out. I think he's in love with me. I don't know how to tell him no without hurting him. I figured if he tried to make a move today I would pray to god and hope Adam was outside of the band doors so I could go up to him and tell him to kiss me or something to make the dude go away. Shit, I'm in so much trouble.

And you'll never believe this shit, I like this freshman guy Eric and since Adam popped into my head and WOULDN"T GO THE HELL AWAY! I ended up ignoring the cute freshman guy and daydreaming about Adam. At this point I don't even care if any of them read this. Eric and Adam know I like them, so what else is there to say?

I just want to like bang my head against a wall repeatedly so Adam goes away, and the stress over this dude asking me out goes away, and Eric comes back into my head.

Its just horrible. I mean, today was a good day, but inside it was like hell. I wanted to find Adam and just yell out him for being so damn desirable today, and damn I don't even know why! I guess he was just sexy to me today, I don't know. I wanted to avoid the dude who was trying to ask me out, and I wanted Eric to come up to me and start making out with me. Hell I tell ya.

*sigh* but anyhoo, I assume this has been enough excitement today.

Actually, I'm learning kick turns on my skateboard. lol, easy beginner trick..havin fun though. Anyways, I better go and try to relieve stress. Ciao!



P.S. Don't be jealous anymore cause the voices talk to me, you can freakin have em!

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