November 11, 1999
November 11, 1999

Right now, I'm eating a PB&J sandwich, talking with a bunch of people on AOL Instant Messanger. My friends Jessica, Jacob, and Frank. I'm doing a lot of thinking, and today actually was one of the most normal days I have had all week. My friend Jacob is still trying to get me to have sex with him, I'm attempting to see if I have anything in common with Frank, and Jessy and I are recounting old times.

In Biology today, I once again failed an attempt to be cool, and made a fool of myself trying to answer a question. In Algebra, it was actually an easy day, and I understood what I was doing. I thought my little freshman friend, Amy, was angry at me for some reason, so I tried to ignore her, but she gave me the pitiful look. She doesn't talk to me in French anymore. Not much anyway. I don't exsist to a lot of people at Lakewood anymore. Its just probably cause I pull out bitch mode on some people. Maybe not, maybe...I just don't fit in?

Or maybe I do, I just have such a big mouth?

Ah hell, who knows. I'm 3/4 done with my PB&J sandwich now, and I'm feelin a little better. For I've had so much italien food, and hot dogs this week, I could spit. I'm trying to get back into writing my stories, but I bet in two days, I'll be bored with them again.

Here me when I say, I can't way until I'm done being a teenager. Whats the use if you don't have someone cool to spend it with?



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