Chapter 2
Chapter 2

"I am so happy! Mel is going to be so surprised when she sees me tommorow. She doesn't think I'm coming back till next monday!" Nick exclaimed, getting giddy with excitment. "Whoa, Nick, save some of that energy for bed!" A.J. exclaimed. Kevin glared, and smacked A.J. roughly on the head. "Ow, fuck, what the hell?!" A.J. shouted. "Stop being perverted." Kevin ordered.
"Hey, the boy needs to learn sometime." A.J. exclaimed. Kevin just rolled his eyes. "My mom talks a lot about her, so does Aaron. Mom say Melony is always over the house. Mostly playing with Aaron. Aaron says that him and Melony are best friends." Nick bragged. "Does that boy ever once shut up about Melony?" Brian complained. "I have a name." Nick said, glaring at Brian."And your just down because Katie is on that video shoot." He added.
"I am not! I just...miss her." Brian protested. "Uh huh...and A.J. misses that brunette he slept with from the bar." Nick said sarcastically. "Hey, I do miss her! She was a hot number. I never did get her name
though..." A.J. pointed out. "A.J., your so full of shit." Howie said. "Come on guys, what is this, pick on A.J. day?" A.J. complained. "Yes, it is. We have one every year. Personally its my favorite day of the whole year." Brian said, with a toothy grin. "I resent that." A.J. told him. Everyone laughed. "Oh come on guys, Give Bone a break already. He is after all only a young man." Kevin said, trying to defend A.J. Nick burst out laughing. "Young man is right! Young man with raging hormones!" Nick exclaimed, clapping his hands through laughs. At that, everyone else was cracking up too. Except, of course, A.J. "I don't see the humor in this." A.J. grumbled, folding his arms. "Oh come on man, can't take a joke?" Howie asked, giggling. Growling irratibly, A.J. unbuckled his seatbelt and stormed off towards the bathroom. "Wow, he was pretty angry." Brian pointed out. Everyone stopped laughing for a second, and looked aimlessly at each other. "Hot number..." Kevin chuckled out, soon the laughs started up again.

"Hello?" Melony said breathlessly into the phone. "Hello, I am selling Trojan condoms, in pink." Melony rolled her eyes at the voice from the reciever. "Nice try J.C. Now why don't you shut up, and say "hi." Melony said with a smirk. "Dammit, how did you know it was me?" He wondered. "I always do." She simply replied, licking the spaggetti sauce off her fingers. J.C. Chasez, her best guy friend was also, surprisingly in a band. She had known him since they were little. J.C.'s mother used to babysit Melony. Ever since than, they were inseperable. "So Mr Mousekuteer. What's up?" J.C. laughed at the name. A couple of years back, J.C. was on the disney show "The Mickey Mouse Club" and Melony never missed a chance to tease him about it. "Nothing much. I just felt like talking to you." He responded. "Well, I was getting dinner ready for myself and than was going to watch MTV. So...if you have anything important to tell me, say it now, cause I'm hungry." Melony said. "Well, I really just wanted to talk." J.C. replied. "Ok, I have an idea. Why don't you come over? We'll chow down on my famous spagetti together." Melony offered. "Oooo, with meatballs?" J.C. wondered excitedly. "Yep...and Ragu..." She said huskily. "Yum! I'll be there in twenty minutes." J.C. said quickly, than hung up. Melony looked at the phone, her mouth dropping. "Goodbye to you to!" She shouted, slamming the phone down. Grinning, she waltzed back into the kitchen.

Brain fidgeted with his coat pocket, and than pulled out his celluar phone. He quickly dialed the number for Katie's temporary three-week home in Paris. His girlfriend, Katie, was off doing a videoshoot for her latest #1 hit song. "Love has Flown" Brian felt so lonely, especially not being able to hold her in his arms. "Hey Brian?" He heard Howie call him. Brian shooed him quickly away with his hand. "B-But-" Howie stuttered out. "Shut up!" Brian exclaimed, pushing Howie away, not looking at him. They were in a hotel room in the outskirts of Florida. It was too late to drive all the way to Ruskin. Brian's eyes lit up when he heard Katie's tired voice come on the line. "Hello?" "Baby! Hi!" Brian exclaimed happily. "Oh, hey sweetie. How are you, and who do you think you are calling me
at 4:00 in the morning, on my day off." Katie replied. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry honey. I didn't think about the time differences." Brian apologized. "It's ok... hey, I was having the most wonderful dream about you." Katie told him. Brian raised his eyebrows. "Oh really? Do you care to share?" Brian asked. "Mmm hmm... well, we were on a huge mountain, somewhere in some secluded woods. We were both in a majestic pool of water with waterfalls and everything, only in our swimsuits. We were passionately embraced, and kissing. Then just as I started to pull off your boxers. I woke up to your phone call." Katie told him. "Dammit!" Brian complained. "Brian, I REALLY need to talk to you." Howie said to Brian, after listening to his conversation for a couple of minutes. "What!" Brian shouted to Howie, pulling the phone away from his ear. "Um...I hate to be the one to tell you this. But you know that promise ring you wanted Kevin to hold for you?" Howie asked. "Shh! Do you want HER to hear??" Brian scolded, putthing his hand over the reciever, and
smacked Howie's leg. "Sorry! But, Kevin accidently
dropped it down the sink!" Howie told him. "What?!?!?!" Brian exclaimed, shooting up from the chair and dropping the cell phone, forgetting about Katie. "That ring cost me a fortune!" Brian shouted. "I'm sorry Bri! But I wasn't the one who lost it." Howie said. "Dammit!" Brian cursed and ran out of the room. Howie looked down at the phone still on the floor. The room was silent. He reached for the phone. "Why hellllloooo darling."

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