Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Kevin nervously dialed Katie's number, and tightly placed the phone against his ear. He listened to it ring twice, "C'mon.." He urged eagerly. She picked up on the third ring. "Katie?" He asked into the reciever. "Hi, its me Kevin Richardson. Oh yeah, I know, but listen we have an idea-well actually A.J. has an idea, but we all agreed on it, and spoke to our manager and everything, and she said its ok with her if you share a bus with us. But that is only if you want to of course." Kevin explained. He paused, and looked up at the four anxious faces looking back at him. Brian was busily biting his nails, which he always did when he was nervous.

"Oh, ok." Kevin said dissapointed, "but if you don't mind me asking, why not?" He wondered. "What's wrong? What's wrong?" A.J. wondered anxiously. Kevin covered up the reciever. "She's worried that we're just doing this out of pity, and she doesn't want to impose. She says it'll be way to crowded, she also says that if we're around her too much we might grow to hate her." Kevin explained. "Ha, thats funny! Us, hate Katie!" Nick giggled. "It'll never happen." Nick assured Kevin. "It'll never happen." Kevin repeated into the phone. He paused, and listened to what she had to say.

"She said she can be very annoying at times." Kevin told them. "Tell her thats quite alright, because we can be just as annoying, if not worse." Howie said, trying to help out. "No don't tell her that, than she defintely won't wanna come. You'll scare her away D." Brian said lightly hitting Howie over the head. Kevin looked up at them and motioned his fingers, waiting for them give him something to say. Nick grabbed the phone, "plllleeaaasseeee." He pouted, making whimpering noises. The others just looked at him. "Hey it worked for Donna, didn't it?" He asked. "Let me talk to her." A.J. said reaching for the phone. "Katie this is A.J. Mclean, you know, the cute one." He grinned. This made all the other guys fall down in hysterics. "Hey!" He replied, slightly offended. "Anywho." He said bringing his attention back to Katie. "Well baby listen, you do not know what we had to go through to get our manager to agree to do this, don't make us beg, cause we will. Hey stop disagreeing with me, cause your gonna make, your gonna, ok, thats it. I'm forced to do it."

The other guys looked at him in confusion with blank expressions on their faces. "What's he talking about?" Brian asked Nick. Nick shrugged his shoulders. "Cause my bus is all...I have to give. Without you I don't think I can live, I wish I could give the world to you, but my bus is all I have to you." A.J. sang into the reciever of the telephone. All the guys smiled at each other. "That had to work." Howie whispered to Kevin. Kevin smiled and nodded. "Hey I know it was corny, but you have to at least give me credit." He laughed. A.J. paused listening for a response. "She gave in!" He shouted. "Yeah she probably just didn't want you to sing again." Howie joked. A.J. gave him a swift smack in the back of the head. "Ow!" Howie yelped out, as he rubbed the back of his head where a big lump now sat. "Sorry my hand slipped." A.J. laughed. Keving grabbed the phone. "Ok Katie, we have to be out and on the road in an hour, so we'll be ready to pick you up in...oh, say 30 to 45 minutes. Is that good?" He paused. "Alright see ya than." He hung up his phone, and shoved it back down into his pocket.

"Hey you didn't let me say goodbye." A.J. pouted. Everyone ignored him, and went off to their seperate locations. Brian and Nick danced of playfully chanting "We're sharin a bus with Katie, we're sharin a bus with Katie." Kevin and Howie both approached A.J. with grins on their faces. "A.J. that was a beautiful song man, it really got me here." Kevin teased, pounding a fist to his chest, and walking off to the bunks. "Yeah man, it was inspirational, totally moved me." Howie said sarcastically, and patted A.J.'s back walking away. "Hey it worked, didn't it!" He shouted, running after them.

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